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The Study Of Incremental Democratic Research In The Perspective Of Socialist Harmonious Society

Posted on:2012-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P QiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368983257Subject:Marxist philosophy
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China's reform and opening-up has made remarkable achievements, it has been deepened into economy, politics, culture, and each society field. However in the current our country in the reform of the political fields obviously lags behind economic sector reforms. So, how to find an ideal political reform road sides that it is particularly important. This paper explored the political stability in the basis of the theory, based on the incremental democracy, made deep research on the theoretical source and the realistic requirement, specifying the incremental democratic connotation and characteristics, and the actual situation in China, analyzed the feasibility of incremental democratic path choice and inevitability. Probed relations of accelerating incremental democracy and construction of harmonious society of socialism, and how to accelerate incremental democracy.The author thinks that incremental democratic theory is derived from the Marxist democratic theory, especially "the three represents" the important thoughts and the scientific development view in democratic ideas, it is China a part of socialist theory. Incremental democratic construction in China in the construction of socialist democracy is feasibility and necessity. It is a kind of dynamic stability type of democracy, it stressed that the democratic reform orderliness and smoothness and continuity, it is one kind has the gradual, quantitative change type and long-term democracy. The author also put incremental democracy on the reality of the social construction of a harmonious society, this article discusses it and the building of a harmonious socialist society, and the logical relationship between summarized the current situation of Chinese incremental democratic development. Finally this paper focuses on how to promote the development strategy of incremental. On one hand Democratic Party and government from leading role of inner-party democracy drive social democracy, to enlarge the citizen participation, deepen the grassroots democracy, to improve the legal system construction, to improve democratic supervision. On the other hand from foreign advanced experience of the development of political democracy, starting with the reality of China out an incremental democratic development road.
Keywords/Search Tags:Incremental democracy, Reform, Socialism, Harmonious, Development
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