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On Tort Liability The Celebrity Endorsements Door Event

Posted on:2012-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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False endorsement to the community and brought great harm to consumers, its imperative to pursue civil liability. False advertising celebrity endorsements should bear the legal liability is based on civil law principle of good faith, celebrity endorsements of goods that civil activities must comply in good faith, duty of care to make to the good;the principles of the relative rights and obligations, access to high costs at the same time respond to product endorsement basic quality, use and so have some understanding of the consumer is responsible; trust principle of protection of the interests of consumers is based on love and confidence on the stars to select products, it is necessary to protect the interests of such trust.False advertising celebrity endorsements should take strict liability in tort,the principle of the fault of the victim need not prove that the offender, the offender can not prove himself innocent by the exemption, the fact that the plaintiff only need prove that the damage and the causal relations in the wide implications of engaging in false advertising, with a great social harm, punitive damages should be introduced, better relief of victims due to the loss of false advertising, balance the interests of both parties, with a good punishment and prevention capabilities.Developed by examining the extra-territorial false endorsement on the star's legal regulation and draw nutrition, better improve our laws. Norms of civil liability for false advertising, celebrity endorsements countermeasures are: modify the Advertising Law, spokesman for the star as a false object of legal punishment; Advertising Association of self-discipline while strengthening supervision; to establish public interest litigation system.
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