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International Iegal Issues On RMB Exchange Rate

Posted on:2013-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, people are very concerned about the RMB exchange rate issue.As fluctuations in the exchange rate involves not only a country's economic development, but also the economic operation of the relevant countries, the dispute inevitably reflect on exchange rate issues related to questions of international law.Since reform and opening policy was implemented in China,Chinese economy has developed rapidly.China has shared more and more intrest in the international trade,so Chinese international state has gotten higher and higher.However, the development of our country has brought a sense of insecurity to the United States-led Western countries.Western countries believe that China's economy has achieved rapid development because of China's manipulation of exchange rates.An undervalued exchange rate provided exchange rate subsidies for China's exporters,Which made the export trade of our country in the huge advantage and other countries at a disadvantage. China is considered to export deflation to other countries in the world.In order to maintain its world hegemony, the United States frequently launch an attack on China with the reason of the RMB exchange rate.On the one hand, the United States want to impose high special tariffs on China's products which export to USA by way of domestic legislation.On the other hand, the United States want IMF to define China as a currency manipulator so as to achieve the purpose of forcing the RMB appreciation through dispute settlement mechanism of WTO.Faced with allegations of Western countries, We should maintenance the legitimate rights and interests of our country at the legal level. Whether consider from the characteristics of the RMB exchange rate issue, or consider from the need to respond to the allegations of the Western,it is an urgent for us to research on the issue of RMB exchange rate from the perspective of international law.Through the research of Western countries'allegations of the RMB exchange rate, in particular the questions reflected in the international law, we can identify the relevant international legal system and the related provisions of the domestic legal system and their latest developments. With these tools, we are able to judge the basis of Western countries'allegations of the RMB exchange rate and the action taken by Western countries and the possible legal consequences.Further provide the Legal Measures for China to maintain the legitimate rights and interests on the RMB exchange rate issue.
Keywords/Search Tags:Currency manipulation, Currency undervaluation, Prohibitedsubsidies, Fund Agreement, Exchange rate sovereignty
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