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Research On The Land Ownership Thought In Chinese Traditional Legal Culture

Posted on:2012-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330374453458Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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This paper attempts to comb the development of ancient Chinese land system in China,and focus on establishing the framework and the system it.Taking the vicissitude of historical age as a main line,the paper regards the establishment,as well as the development and improvement,of the country land ownership and the private land ownership.Meanwhile,with the successive land system and legal provisions,the paper studies on the changes of the subjects,objects and contents of the this two land ownership systems in ancient China,also the achieved forms of land ownership.Learning from the history will brighten the path and offer valualble reference to modern legal system construction of agriculture.This paper makes an examination of land rights in Chinese rural areas from a fresh point of view.What's more,the reforms of legal protections and limitations in land ownership,the regulations of development of ancient Chinese land right system,and the experiences and lessons of all kind of land right systems are all discussed in this paper.Base on this research,it attends to provide some materials and some suggestions to be referred of the establishment of Chinese land right system in contemporary.According to the historical sequence, the paper has four chapters as follows:The chapter one and two systemically studying the historical evolvement of the land ownership.China history has been cut in four:The first is from the dynasties of Xia,Shang,Zhou to Chun Qiu,.The second is from the dynasties of Zhan to the dynasties of Qin Han.The third is from Wei,Jin,Southern and Northern Dynasties to Tang.The fourth is from Tang to the dynasties of Ming,Qing.Chapter three comes to a conclusion on Chinese ancient rural land-ownership and access thoughts and related historical experience.Chapter four means to explain reslistic significance of the historical experience,and points out the effect of the traditional Chinese land system on the current country land-ownership and access.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ancient, The nationalized land ownership, The private land ownership, The household contract responsibility
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