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Chinese Rural Land Rights Regime Change Trend

Posted on:2007-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is in the period of social transformation. This is a period of conflict of interests. The re-distribution of interest needs re-construction of rules, which must be done with careful distribution right. The reasonable distribution of right is the guaranty of realizing fairness and justice.The land is an important resource of mankind and the most important property of farmers. During the reform of system of market economy, it has to be involved in the tide inevitably. How to distribute the added value caused by market economy, especially how to protect the right and profit of fanners, who are the weak group, has became a great problem. This problem shall be paid more attention in the legislation of Real Right Law, which bears the ideal of fairness and justice. The resolution of this problem depends on the re-designation of land right in Chinese country.After looking backward the change of the system of land right in Chinese country since the establishment of PRC. and analyzing the achievement and restriction of the present system of land right in the country, on the basis of studying the re-construction of land right in the field of law, I bravely think that farmers' private ownership of the land right in the country should be set up after the expiration of the second round of adopting the contraction.This thesis has four chapters except introduction and epilogue.In Chapter 1, the background of four times of reform of land right system in the country since liberation is introduced and analyzing how the ownership of land and farmers' management right exert its role in each reform, and remarking the influence to Chinese agriculture and social economy made by each reform. Some historic materials are provided in order.In Chapter 2, I analyze the system of collective ownership of the land, which makes the farmers freely produce and promotes the farmers'...
Keywords/Search Tags:system of land right in the country, collective land ownership, household contracting, use right of rural land, farmer's private ownership of land
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