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College Financial Risk Early Warning Model And Applied Research

Posted on:2013-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the reformation in China's higher education system and theuniversities' transformation from non-risk management mode into risk managementmode, each university must face its financial risks. How to warn, prevent and contolfinancial risks effectively and promtly, has become a popular topic in recent years'researches. By taking Y University's financial data for samples and using the fuzzyevaluation theory, the dissertation establishes an University Financial Risk EarlyWarning Model.First of all, base on summarizing the background and significance of relevantresearches, this dissertation summed up the domestic and foreign financial riskswarning researches, elaborated the university financial risk early warning theory,analyzed the reasons of the financial risk, classified the financial risks in universities,and pointed out premise and effect of University Financial Risk Early WarningMechanism.Secondly, according to the principles of University Financial Risk Early WarningIndex System, this dissertation selected12sensitive financial indicators to reflect anUniversity's debt paying ability, operation ability and development potential; and then,established the University Financial Risk Early Warning Index System, using the G1method to determine the weight of each index.Thirdly, this dissertation introduced the method of fuzzy comprehensiveevaluation theory and establish the university financial risk fuzzy comprehensiveevaluation model. Taking Y University as sample, the author carried out an empiricalresearch with University Financial Risk Early Warning Model, to comprehensivelyevaluate the university's financial risk status.Finally, according to the university financial risk causes and types, and theempirical analysis results, this dissertation proposed comprehensive policies andmeasures to prevent and control Y University's financial risks. Other issues inuniversity financial risks prevention and control were also discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:college financial risk, idex system, fuzzy comprehensive evaluationmethod, early warning model, prevention measures
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