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Fpga-based Embedded Systems Infrared Thermal Imaging System Design And Realization

Posted on:2012-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330338455880Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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Infrared detection technology for its passive work, the high anti-jamming, target recognition ability, the role of distance, work around the clock and other characteristics, have been widely used in military, industrial, agricultural, medical, fire and other fields.Infrared dectection technology is the core of infrared thermal imaging system. Through the infrared detector, infrared light to target radiation is converted to infrared image, which can be observed by eyes. Infrared image has the low contrast, edge blur, SNR, the complex composition and other shortcomings, while is influenced by the atmosphere, the role of distance, the detector noise, and many factors, led to the goal's local details was no significant difference, or more than, may be submerged by noise, which cause target detection and identification very difficult. Therefore, the infrared thermal imaging system and infrared detection technology has become a key issue.In this paper, the basis of theories of infrared imaging, thermal imaging systems to introduce the development of domestic and international profile based on, the analysis of the infrared thermal imaging system, the basic principle and the main factors affecting system performance. The characteristics of IR images and SOPC technology, proposed FPGA-based embedded soft-core architecture real-time infrared thermal imaging system solutions. The program to build FPGA chip as the core of the system, the system function covers the infrared thermal imaging signal acquisition, real-time image processing, image data storage, standard video synthesis, etc.System fully considered in the design process SOPC technical merits, FPGA-based real-time infrared thermal imaging system is divided into soft-core embedded system and hardware logic circuit system, which embedded soft-core system is responsible for complex image processing algorithms, and provide hardware logic circuit system with correction parameters; hardware logic circuitry responsible for completing the real-time image data acquisition, real-time image correction, image data storage and standard video frame synthesis; Customized IP core, which is used to meet the need of two systems real-time data to interact; in the sub-block of the algorithm describes the principle, the combination of real-time image data stream is put forward design by myself, and described the implementation process;Finally, the design for the unit testing and system testing, and further verified the correctness and feasibility of the implementation process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-Uniformity, Blind Element, Histogram Equalization, Embedded Processor Soft Core
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