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Researchand Implementation Of Embedded Develop Platform Based On Dual-Core Processor

Posted on:2013-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Z LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330362468387Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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At present, with the rapid development of IC technology, there are newchallenges to microprocessor design methods. Embedded applications become moreand more complex and diverse. A higher demand to the performance of embeddedmicroprocessors, power consumption, and cost is expected. So study of multi-coreprocessor technology and application has a significant meaning to reduce thepressures faced by the single-core processor.In the view of the processor core structure, multi-core processors divide intotwo kinds of processors: one is homogeneous multi-core processors and the other isheterogeneous multi-core processors. In homogeneous multi-core processors, each ofarchitectures of core is the same. While in heterogeneous multi-core processors,some architectures of core are different. Homogeneous multi-core processors areoften applying to single characteristic applications. Heterogeneous multi-coreprocessors can assign different types of tasks to different types of cores on parallelprocessor. Having considered the range of applications of embedded system,heterogeneous multi-core architecture will become the mainstream in the future.Therefore, the goal of this paper is to take full use of resources of the chipsdesign and implement an embedded development platform based on heterogeneousmulti-core architecture. The platform not only for the development of embeddedapplications, but for education of embedded system with the development of newtechnologies. It will be a rich application on platform.In the paper, there are two parts of research: hardware and software. Thehardware part is to design and achieve a development platform processor core boardand motherboard. I finished work of requirements analysis, devices selection,features modular design, PCB design, and signal integrity simulation. The softwarepart is to complete the board support package (BSP) migrate and develop underWindows Embedded Compact7. And implement the applications to verify theplatform capabilities under the VS2008.
Keywords/Search Tags:Embedded System, OMAP3530dual-core Processor, WindowsEmbedded Compact7, BSP Porting
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