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Flight Target Speed Measurement Radar Signal Acquisition And Real-time Processing System Design And Realization

Posted on:2013-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330371960329Subject:Circuits and Systems
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At present, the velocity radar is paid more and more attention. Especially, the research of flying object's velocity radar is conducive to Chinese military technology accumulation, and it also has many significant meanings in the military security strategy. And the unit, which completes high-speed data acquisition and real-time processing in a velocity radar, is the most active research now.Along with the fast development of informationization, intellectualized and network technology, Embedded System is also developing rapidly. Having a high performance of clear structure, good universality and extensibility, Embedded System based on ARM can provide a complete set of software and hardware solutions for all kinds of embedded applications. At the same time, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) not only inherites the advantages of ASIC, but also overcomes the defects of ASIC. So FPGA, with its large-scale, high integration and high reliability, is gradually becoming the ideal choice of complex digital circuit design.In order to improve the weakness of the current radar which has high power consumption, high price, large volume and low measurement accuracy, this paper introduces a solution based on the technology combined with ARM and FPGA. This system uses the Intel's PXA270 processor as the core of the hardware platform, and extends some hardware including a digital signal processing module based on FPGA, UART and Ethernet communication modules. Meanwhile, the system uses Embedded Linux system as the software platform, and accomplishes the design of related drivers. In the study, the following key technologies are solved:design of system hardware platform based on PXA270 processor, design of functional modules in FPGA, migration of Embedded Linux system on PXA270 processor, design of drivers and system error analysis of test results.After debugging and ameliorating again and again, a system of radar-signal acquisition and real-time processing was completed enventually. And the system has reached the technical qualification in function and performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:ARM, FPGA, Velocity radar, Embedded Linux
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