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Study On The Local Government Supportive Policy For The Development Of The SEMs

Posted on:2012-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330368986839Subject:Administrative Management
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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have an important position and role for both national or local economic and social development,. Since the founding of the P.R.C., in quite long period of time the, SMEs did not receive attention required, resulting in difficulties in the fevelopment process of SMEs. In the current time, as China's socialist market economy getting a certain extent, the small and medium enterprises has entered a new stage of development as well, which makes certain local SMEs support policy an important factor for the local SMEs development. Whereas how to eliminate the policy bottlenecks in process of SMEs development has become an vital issue because,targeted SME support policies could promote SMEs development positivly, and healthily so as to play its due role for the local economy and community. It is the very context, this thesis focus the study on local government supportive policy issues for small and medium enterprises.The expected goal of this thesis is of Zhanjiang City, the policy environment for SMEs, policies and policy tools, the main object of the system comb Management, and support policies for SMEs through the region compared relatively well constructed system of SME support policies, and on this basis, provided Zhanjiang SME support policies that improve the system of specific policy recommendations. In addition, the SME support system can also be for other local government Improve the system of SME support policies to increase policy support for SMEs to provide a useful reference. The main contents of this paper includes the following seven areas:Chapter I, introduction. It begins to describe the main purpose of this research background, to introduce the theoretical and practical significance , and to summarize and review the research in this areas both at home and abroad.The second chapter, the basic concepts and theories. This chapter plays as the theoretical basis for this study. It will give a simple analysis the relative concepts about local government and support policies of and SMEs which will be implied to sort out the theories of SMEs.The third chapter, foreign supportive policies and measures for SMEs. This chapter briefly analyzes and summarizes the characteristics of SMEs' supportive policies in the United States, Germany and Japan. On basis of this, some ideas could be used in the local governmentpractice for the small and mid-size enterprise policy formulation and design. Chapter IV, Zhanjiang SMEs' supportive policies status and problems. This chapter obtains the existing problems of the supportive policies of SMEs in Zhanjiang on the analysis of the history and current situation of SMEs' policies in Zhanjiang, starting from the current situation of the small and medium enterprises.Chapter V, the comparative analysis of SMEs' supportive policies in Zhanjiang and Dongguan. This chapter systematically analyses the SMEs supportive policies in Dongguan City, and compare the policies in Zhanjiang and Dongguan, respectively, from the policy environment, policy body, the government and specific policies whereas the necessity for improving the system of supportive policy are manifested.Chapter VI, the recommendations for the system SME supportive policy system and the specific policy proposals for Zhanjiang. Through two typical places Zhanjiang and Dongguan SMEs policy comparative analysis, construct the SMEs supportive policy system and then, on this basis some policy proposals and measure are put forward aiming at the improvement for the SMEs policy system.Chapter VII, conclusions and research outlook. The thesis of this chapter comes to the conclusion , points out the limitations and the shortcomings of this study,and the simply discusses the follow-up direction of further research. Ultimately, it makes a brief analysis of progress and prospects on SME supportive policies system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhanjiang City, the local government, the SMEs, support policies
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