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Study On Upgrading The Industrial Structure Of Autonomy Of Wuxi By Scientific Development Perspective

Posted on:2012-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330371455654Subject:Political economy
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In this paper, take Marxist economics as the guiding ideology, and the scientific concept of development perspective as the study point to empirical analysis the industrial structure upgrading Wuxi ability, based on these to analysis the developed eastern region with the basic path of the Independent Development. This paper has three main parts:The first part is the empirical analysis of the upgrading of Wuxi autonomous capacity of the industrial structure. First, to discuss the qualitative application of the scientific development concept and practice in Wuxi is a concrete manifestation of innovation and development, and upgrading the industrial structure as the starting point by empirical analysis of innovation and development in Wuxi. The conclusions as following: First, the rationalization of industrial structure and sophisticated Wuxi constantly enhanced expressing by rising of upgrading the industrial structure index; Second is Wuxi upgrade industrial structure, capacity has gradually increased autonomy, which factors of economic development, resources, environmental factors, independent innovation factors and social equity factors could explain the industrial structure and upgrade the capacity of autonomy; Third, the innovation and development of Wuxi plays an important role,which promote achieving the development of economic independence.Basis on this, this paper argues that represented in Wuxi "New South Jiangsu model" is actually a scientific concept of development in the southern region of mass practice of the socialist system is the combination with the market mechanism into the enormous potential actual productivity. Thus, experience of innovation and development in Wuxi summed up the perspective of the "New South Jiangsu model" in the context of globalization operation mechanism, in order to promote understanding of the laws, and enhance the eastern region at this stage the development of autonomy and the ability to provide reference Inspiration.The second part is analysis of the structural problems of economic development of the eastern region. Eastern region has four main aspects of the structural problems: First, lack of capacity of independent innovation; the second is surging pressure of the energy, resources, and environmental; Third, rapid urban income gap widening; Fourth, increased macroeconomic risk factor. Basis on this, dependent on the development of the structural problems of the causes of the above, given explanation that since reform and opening dependency on developed countries the eastern region has always been a "passive dependent" unequal exchange of inferior position in the context of the formation of this pattern of economic development with the inevitable limitations. In this sense, the eastern region is weak in the development of economic autonomy and the possibility of a larger crisis.The third part is the development of the autonomy of the eastern region of the basic path: refer to the innovation and development the experience of Wuxi experience. By drawing on innovation and development the experience of Wuxi, represented the"New South Jiangsu model"development experience.the eastern region achieves that the development of autonomy is the basic path to adhere to the scientific outlook on development as guidance and promote the industrial structure and upgrade the capacity of autonomy, which put forward the "four changes" in the specific path: First, develop target focus from achieving "national wealth" to "rich people" change: to establish a scientific concept of distribution; Second, technological progress by "following" to "lead" into: enhance independent innovation capability; Third, participation in the globalization of economic comparative advantage to competitive strategy from Advantage: the establishment of "national value chain" system; Fourth, the economic growth mode from extensive to intensive: the development of low-carbon economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:The concept of Scientific Development, Dependent Development, The Autonomy Upgrading of the Industry Structure, New South Jiangsu Mode
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