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Ni2+-doped LiNbO3, CdWO4crystal’s Growth And Infrared Luminescence Studies

Posted on:2013-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Though a number of studies have been carried out on The near-infrared luminescence properties ofNi<sup>2+doped glass material, little has been done in the field of crystal material. The d-d energy leveltransition of TM ion is sensitive to local environment. The nickel takes the divalent state in al-most thehost, It exhibits broad emission in the near-infrared(NIR) in some host materials. It provides a possibilityfor developing the NIR tunable lasers and broadband optical amplifiers.In this paper, we studies Ni<sup>2+-doped LiNbO3, CdWO4crystal’s growth and infrared luminescence.Explore the reason of The near-infrared luminescence properties of Ni<sup>2+doped host material on thatbasis.In chapter one, we discussed laser technique and laser material. We introduced the highperformance of nickel and two kinds of host material.The second part describes the different methods of crystal growth, focusing on the Bridgman growthof doped Ni<sup>2+ions in LiNbO3crystal and CdWO4crystals, test crystal structure and spectroscopicproperties of the instruments used.In chapter three, we studied the near-infrared luminescence property of Ni<sup>2+-doped near-stoichiometricLiNbO3single crystals. Under a laser diode excitation source at980nm, a near-infrared luminescencecentered at1087nm was discovered in Ni<sup>2+:SLN single crystals, the FWHM is about100nm. Thefluorescence decay properties of crystal was measured, and the fluorescence lifetime of Ni<sup>2+:SLN singlecrystals was as long as240μs even at room temperature. The observed near-infrared fluorescence couldbe attributed to the3T2g(3F)'3A2g(3F) transition of Ni<sup>2+in octahedral sites.The fourth part of our work is the study of Ni<sup>2+-doped cadmium tungstate crystal growth and near-infrared light-emitting characteristics. The emission band at1068nm was observed under excitation by808nm and980nm lights, a near-infrared luminescence centered at1068nm was discovered inNi<sup>2+:CWO single crystals, the FWHM is about76nm.The conclusion of the paper summarizes the research results of the entire postgraduate insufficientin-depth reflection, in summing up the process of the entire study, our laboratory in the near future in thisarea to achieve greater the results have great hope.
Keywords/Search Tags:NIR broadband emission, LiNbO3single crystal, CdWO4single crystalNi2+ions, absorption spectrum, fluorescence spectrum
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