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Wind Farm Reliability Evaluation Considering Operation Characteristics Of Battery Energy Storage Devices

Posted on:2013-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H N MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330362974069Subject:Electrical engineering
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The impact from randomness and interruption of wind power on power sytemstability and reliability is more obvious. The energy storage system has become theimportant part of modern power system. Among all of the energy storage techniques,battery energy storage system (BESS) has become the first choice in the wind farminstallation for many benefits. It’s necessary to research the impact of BESS operationparameters on the system reliability. On the other aspect, planning the capacity of BESSand the amount of wind turbins and conventional generators to optimize the globaleconomic benefit is an evitable problem. To solve the problems stated above, this thesis:1. Introduced the wind speed ARMA model and parameter determination andestimation process, and the generating system reliability model based on state modelsand Monte-Carlo simulation is built. The case shows that the wind farm improvessystem reliability once connected to power system, and the state numbers of wind farmhave influence on the reliability evaluation result.2. Three energy storage strategies were proposed based on the demand of powersystem operations. The power output time series of BESS under these strategies wasalso formed. The power output model of wind-diesel-storage hybrid system has beenbuilt using the wind farm power output series. A model of wind farm reliabilityevaluation is built using the equivalent load curve, which is modelled considering theoperation differences between power and energy BESS and the impacts of the storagestrategies and battery performance on the system reliability. Case studies illustrate thecorrectness and effectiveness of the proposed model.3. Built wind farm BESS capacity optimization model with investment cost,operation cost and maintainence cost as an objective function and the BESS charing andrecharging, wind turbine and conventional generator capacity as constraints. Solved theoptimization problem with Genetic Algorithm. The case results showed that theproposed optimaization model is correct and effective.4. Taking RTBS as calculation example, the reliability improvement extents of windfarm by the two kinds of battery energy storage systems are analyzed while three typesof energy storage strategies are applied, and the impacts of operation parameters ofenergy storage system on reliability of wind power generation system are furtheranalyzed. Results show under the same energy storage strategy the energy-type battery energy storage system can improve wind farm reliability better; operation parametervariation of battery energy storage system affects reliability index of wind farm a certainextent.
Keywords/Search Tags:grid-connected wind farms, reliability, battery energy storage system, operation characteristics of storage device, capacity optimization
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