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The Research Of Interleaved Parallel Type Boost Pfc With Zero Current Soft Switching Circuit

Posted on:2013-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330374997563Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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In recent years, the International Electrotechnical Commission develop a more comprehensive measure for power factor standard of electronic devices which accompanied by leaps and bounds of the switching power supply and other related electronic technology. Therefore, for the low-end power level electronic devices, not only to meet the requirements of European and American markets, but also meet the power factor specifications developed by the IEC standard. Faced with the various regulations, select the active power factor correction (PFC) technology is a general trend of the results. In this paper, select the staggered parallel and zero current soft-switching technology designed active power factor correction circuit, because of this technology can effectively reduce the stress and ripple of current and voltage of main switch, the size and weight of some components can be reduced too, then greatly accelerate the speed of dynamic response of the system, So,the power factor can be improved and the loss can be reduced.In this study, Proposed a form which using two boost circuits in parallel at the same time with soft-switching circuit based on a variety of power and contrast correction topology and its application, the circuit is average current control mode and used the UC3854as the core so that to design and implement device functions for the system. The interlaced signal is obtained by the output signal of UC3854and with the help of related chips; Zero current soft-switching is a resonant branch of the role of the main switch turn-off current and voltage superimposed on the regional, so that the loss can be chieve at zero. Calculated the initial set of data indicators and related components to the selection of values for the switch and power devices based on the frequency of the system. Used interleaved soft-switching technology can reduce the current of a single switch and balanced the various parts of the heat loss in order to enhance the efficiency and stability of the circuit; The third chapter gives a detailed process to identify and model of the UC3854chip peripheral data and applicat MATLAB software to depict the various parts of the BODE diagram,so that further ensure the reliable and rationality of the system design.Sorting through the analysis of system theory and practical to make a power rating of1KW soft-switching interleaved experimental prototype machine, debugging the system level dynamic response on the basis of the open-loop test on the main, auxiliary and other aspects of circuit-based, by analysis the various parts of the waveform and data of parallel soft-switching circuit, proving that the control can effective to reduce the thermal stress of power semicon-ductor components, not only reduced the ripple, at the same time greatly improving the efficiency of the system and transfer density. The experimental results further prove the excellent performance of the selected circuit model...
Keywords/Search Tags:Power-factor-correction(PFC), Average current control, Zerocurrent transition, Soft-switching
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