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Control Strategy For The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Energy Storage System

Posted on:2014-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330395489516Subject:Electrical engineering
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With wind energy large-scale development,more and more wind power getsgrid-connected operation.But because wind has characteristic of randomness andfluctuation,impact of wind power on grid has become impossible to ignore.Therefore,theenergy storage control system is necessary to be used to stabilize the fluctuation of thewind power,and the research about energy storage system becomes very important.As a chemical energy storage technology,Vanadium redox flow battery(VRB) iscompared with traditional lead-acid battery and nickel-cadmium battery.VRB has manyunique features in the design,and its performance is also applicable to a variety ofindustrial applications,such as VRB can be alternative to oil machine or reservepower.VRB also has advantages of a long service life and thousands of charging anddischarging number.So VRB has been vigorously develop and research.The paperresearches the control strategy of stabilizing wind power fluctuation based on the energystorage equipment using VRB in wind power system.And the research is about two mainpart of VRB energy storage system modeling and the control of wind power fluctuation.The single doubly fed induction generator(DFIG) connect to the power system,and theenergy storage system connects to the AC bus by AC/DC converter.Based on feed-forwarddecoupling control,energy storage system exchanges power with AC bus by four quadrantoperation converter.Based on low pass filter,frequency domain characteristics of wind power fluctuationsis analyzed,and frequency range of energy storage system of wind power is chosen.By theabove methods,control target of output power of wind turbine is designed and configuredcapacity of VRB energy storage system is determined.A wind field wind speed and3MWwind turbine are as models,the whole system model is builded in MATLAB/Simulinksoftware for the simulation of power control strategy of stabilizing the fluctuation.
Keywords/Search Tags:wind power generation, energy storage system, power fluctuation, feed-forward control, stabilize control
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