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Analysis On Evaluation Model Of Culture Items In The Textbook Of Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language

Posted on:2013-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2235330371987954Subject:Chinese international education
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As progress of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL) moves far ahead, it has been arousing many concerns on the evaluation principles and system of the textbooks from the academic circle. As significant means to criticize and appraise the quality of the textbooks, the textbook evaluation is active in feedback, diagnosis as well as identification during the whole process from textbooks compilation to their final implementation. The related researches on evaluation principles and system of the TCFL textbooks could make some contribution to offer a practical evaluation system on the related textbooks compilation and improve the scientificity, pertinence and practicability of the TCFL textbooks.Language is the carrier of culture, and it is a set of unique signs for human beings to document culture. Teaching Chinese as a foreign language(TCFL) is an education of second language acquisition as well as Chinese culture education. So it is of great significance in TCFL to make an effective combination of both Chinese language teaching and Culture education. When doing the research on teaching of TCFL, Chinese academics tend to focusing on the definition, teaching principles and methods of Chinese culture. Meanwhile, the study is also mainly armed at the type, principles, methods, etc. of TCFL textbooks evaluation. When doing evaluation, the textbooks are rarely analyzed in system and in detail, and there are some discrepancies between research results about the model of textbooks appraisal in foreign countries and the textbook compilation and appraisal in China. Furthermore, culture projects in the textbook of TCFL are rarely evaluated in research papers.On foundation of previous studies, this paper puts the models to use on the empirical research on culture item of selected TCFL textbook Level Chinese Intensive Reading Textbook (Level7&8) with multiple perspectives analysis. It is sincerely hope that the study could be used for reference in related material compilation. The researches of the paper are including the following three parts:The first part is trying to investigating some inspection points about the model of cultural items on TCFL textbook, which consists of two aspects. First, this paper classifies the cultural item on TCFL textbook, by summarizing and inducing the previous researches. Second, it summarizes the evaluation principles of the cultural item on the basic of that on TCFL textbook evaluation.In the second part, this paper uses the model of textbook evaluation from Theory of Course Evaluation for reference, and on the bases of "TCFL Textbook Evaluation List" advanced by Zhao Jinming in1998, it builds an evaluation model of cultural item on TCFL textbook, absorbing the principles of TCFL textbook compilation and the standards of textbook evaluation, referring to the principles of culture education and culture project classification on TCFL. This model adopts "systematic evaluation" methods and takes the building of evaluation chart as its central part by effectively combining the "internal evaluation" and "external evaluation"."Internal evaluation" is something about using statistical method to build data base for all culture project existed in the textbook by means of classification, statistics and analysis. Then, it gets the evaluation results."External evaluation" is to evaluate with the help of related evaluation chart, which including two parts. One is making measurement on the mastery of the culture project among the participated students and the interested culture items. The other is to make the questionnaire for students about the arrangement of related works on the basic of Zhao Jinming’s TCFL Textbook Evaluation List. Through conclusion and analysis of the results of the chart, it will finally get the evaluation results of the culture item on the selected textbook by combining, comparing and concluding the information of "internal evaluation" and "external evaluation".In the third part, there is empirical study for the model of culture item evaluation on TCFL textbooks. There is empirical research on culture project of selected TCFL textbook Level Chinese Intensive Reading Textbook (Level7&8) with multiple perspectives analysis.It is sincerely hope that the building of the evaluation model of cultural item on TCFL textbook will make modest contribution to related work.
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