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Relationship Of Printmaking Techniques Of Expression And Emotion

Posted on:2014-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In print creation, communication technique and emotion are the two most importantfactors in the process of printmaking. But in my creation process, gradually found a phenomenon:often too much focus on the use of techniques on the canvas, and ignore the expression of theoriginal purpose for his creation as well as the theme of the works, thereby affecting the workand the consciousness of painting my raise. Gradually found in the later creation and access toinformation," Modern print more ideas and artistic effect, technique is an important element inrich picture, the idea is the meaning and the subjective emotion picture." In the creation, onlythe techniques of expression and emotion better combination, mutual unity, mutual coordination,in order to create outstanding works, both influence each other inseparable.
Keywords/Search Tags:engraving, techniques, to conveyemotion
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