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The Legal Construction Of The Green Credit System In China

Posted on:2013-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2236330371469276Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Environmental resources as important resources, its exploitation and utilization are thematerial base of human survival and development. At present, the world economy is at the highspeed development phase, but the rapid development of economy is built on the basis of humanenvironmental pollution and resource destruction. Growing environmental pollution has a seriousthreat to human survival and development. With the formation of the sustainable developmenttheory, human awareness of the essence of the environmental problems is an economic issue,simple to use the means of the environmental administration management has been unable tosolve the environmental problems, and solving environmental problem depends on the use ofeconomic instruments. The use of environmental economics leverage and economics instrumentsguide enterprises to change a single economic growth pattern, stimulate enterprises to carry outindustrial restructuring,and the financing of pollution control has become the social consensusof society. The presentation of Green credit system is a means of environmental protectionthrough the regulation of financial leverage to achieve specific, requiring based on nationalenvironmental economic policy and industrial policies, the commercial banks and policy banksand other financial institutions support the provision of loans and the implementation ofpreferential low interest rates and production pollution control facilities , engage in ecologicalprotection and construction, development and utilization of new energy sources, engage in theproduction of circular economy, green manufacturing and eco-agricultural enterprises orinstitutions ,and support the production of pollution and pollution of new business investmentloans and working capital credit lines for the implementation of punitive restrictions and highinterest rates. Compared with a number of administrative measures, such as Green credit of amarket economy is often very effective, and enriched the means of environmental protection forlaw enforcement department in a way. The building of green credit legal system, through thecontrol of corporate finance, guide enterprise to invest in environmental protection industry, tocoordinate economic development and environmental protection.Based on the green credit system of legal research,analysis of policy guidance throughthe economic environment of China green credit legal system, the practice of theoretical andpractical significance. According to the current research status of green credit at home and abroad, introduce the concept of green credit, analysis of the background and status ofimplementation of the green credit policy implemented in China. Then introduced theimplementation of internationally accepted standards for green finance-equator Principles andthe successful experience of its implementation,further investigated the basic features of greencredit, the theoretical basis. Through the analysis of the status quo and development of the greencredit system at home and abroad, the foreign experience in the implementation of green creditin Germany, the United States and Japan, clear the advantages and inevitable trend of theimplementation of the green credit system. On described China current status quo of theimplementation of green credit basis, analysis of obstacles to implementation of green creditsystem, mainly on the legal level, the system level and policy level barriers.In the legal system, legal consciousness, legal principle, our country has accumulated moremature environment economic policy experience in the implementation, in order to enhance theBank control ability of environmental risk, to avoid credit risk, and guide the enterprises to carryout actively industrial restructuring, investment to environmental protection industry, it isnecessary to establish a green credit legal system. This paper focuses on the construction ofgreen credit legal system, analyzes the legal purposes and principles of law which embodied bygreen credit legal system, including the precautionary principle、the principle of environmentalpriorities、the principle of collaboration、the principles of sustainable development. Analyzesthree green credit legislation mode in the international, clear our country should adopt the modeof integration of existing laws, and then elaborating on the specific content of green credit legalsystem, such as integration of existing laws, to father clarify the subject and responsibilities ofthe green credit legal system、the review of the green credit legal system、the environmentalimpact assessment of the green credit legal system、the information sharing of the green creditlegal system、the incentive rewards and punishment of green credit legal system and thesupervision of the green credit legal system.To sum up, I hope that through the establishment of a green credit legal system, make thewhole function of our country green credit system into full play, guide the flowing of funds andloans to promote the cause of national environmental protection enterprises and institutions, pullsfunds out suitably leaves enterprise and project which destroy and pollute the environment,transform our national economic growth mode and adjust the industrial structure as soon as possible in order to protect the environment and control the pollution of natural resources andpromote the harmonious development between anthropoid society and society.
Keywords/Search Tags:green credit, environmental risk, equator principles, corporate social responsibility
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