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Improve The System Of China’s Green Credit Law Enforcement Mechanism Research

Posted on:2017-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China’s economic rapid growth in recent years, but the growth at the expense of the environment at the expense of growth model, the Chinese government has always attached great importance to use administrative measures and environmental policy to enhance the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, in order to both in practice tends to dynamic balance, but found that effect of decay.This is caused by national administrative measures of its limitations, according to the theory of new classical economics, market regulation under the market economy system is more effective than national macro policy intervention.In the face of the worsening environment, economic means to enhance the relationship between economic development and environmental protection both seems to be more rational and conforms to the practical needs.Market economy is law economy, the economic adjustment is itself under the rule of law behavior.In addition, in terms of the perspective of modern social responsibility theory, modern Banks and companies need to actively participate in environmental protection, environmental protection social responsibility.In the development of enterprise, the fund, which is the lifeblood of enterprise survival and development, is one of the important channels of enterprises access to funds and loans, through loans to embed environmental protection mechanism is a new model of environmental protection.In this mode for financing needs, will take the initiative to assume their environmental responsibilities.Assumption of corporate environmental responsibility will realize the protection of the environment.In the role of the mechanism of conduction, green credit arises at the historic moment.Will financial system used in environmental protection, in the process of seeking financing to join its environmental social responsibility must perform good hard Numbers to obtain loans, the mechanism of industrial structure adjustment on their own reversed transmission enterprise, technology upgrades and pollution prevention.The implementation of green credit is the realistic need, in recent years, the implementation of green credit in China, a lot of problems, according to the construction of rule of law in China as an opportunity, so as to implement the green credit problem as the guidance, our choice is based on the legal frame of green credit, green credit legalization.So was born green credit legal system of our country.Due to the difficult of legalization and the resistance on the institutional and social customs, China’s green credit legal system appeared many problems, these problems has emerged as the fetters of green credit development.Therefore, to explore the improvement of the system of green credit law mechanism is particularly important.Green credit legal system in our country, such as, green credit legal system of information sharing and information disclosure mechanism is imperfect, lack of unified standard of green credit law enforcement, lack of effective incentive system of green credit law, local governments to implement green credit legal system obstacles, lack of punishment for illegal bank loans mechanism and the lack of green credit professionals, aiming at these problems puts forward methods and Suggestions to perfect the legal system of China’s green credit: one is to build the environmental protection department and finance department of information disclosure and sharing system;The second is to establish green credit legal responsibility punishment mechanism;Three is to establish an effective folk capital regulation system;Four is to establish regional protectionism around the system and a series of perfect measures.Aims to improve our green credit legal system, to achieve sustainable economic and social development.
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