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Aesthetic Purport Of Marx's Human Development Theory And Implementation Approach

Posted on:2013-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F H ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2245330371481887Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The human being in reality is the basic standpoint of Marx’s practical philosophy theory, and theproblem of development of the human being in reality is historic issue as well as a core ideology theory ofMarx’s philosophy. In the historical process of human developing, the comprehensive developing of humanis viewed as the final ideal and perfect situation, namely, an ultimate pursuit of value. Marx founded a newworld outlook of historical materialism, realized revolutionary reform of philosophy, the most importantcontent of which is to take the realization of human comprehensive development as the final ideal ofhuman’sstruggle.Free and comprehensive development of each person is condition of “combination of free beings”that is the future society described by Marx. Therefore, based on Marx’s philosophical view of practice, thisthesissortsoutandexploresthesourcesofMarx’shumandevelopingtheory from the angle of human beingin reality. Moreover, guided by practical living theory, it makes a study of aesthetics and completeconnotation, analyzes connotative essence of the Marxist human developing theory according to aestheticsand from the angle of history and theory, finally, concludes the ways to accomplish Marx’s humandeveloping theory, and gives some guided meanings towards human being at the time of society transformby this theory. To realize free experience and comprehensive development of human being, is consistentwith the scientific concept of development and build a core value of harmonious socialist society, and alsofullyreflectsultimateconcernaboutMarx’sphilosophytothereality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, human in reality, aesthetics, freedom, comprehensive development of human
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