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The Philosophical Foundation Of Modern Human Resources Development Based On Marx's Theory Of Human's Comprehensive Development

Posted on:2011-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155330332966364Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Ultimate human liberation is premised on his free and all-round developments, which is the highest value of Marxism and communistic goal pursued by Marx. During the processes of human history from preliminary stage to advanced stage, since the different living and developing conditions of human beings, human developments also present different conditions in respective stage.China is now in the primary stage of Socialism, and human developments are in a transitional period from the stage of human dependence on materials to the stage of free and all-round human developments. During the period, how to understand and use the objective historical and social material conditions of human beings and so as to realize free and all-round human developments, or in other words, since free and all-round human developments are restricted by some certain social and historical conditions, how to promote the overall developments of human's civilization and country's economy under the condition of socialism, have become a crucial research topic and time issue.Promoting human development is the essential requirement of socialist society. To promote human development, China has learned foreign theory of"human resource development"and combined it with China's social condition since 1980s. The theory has been widely applied in public administration and enterprise management and obtains some achievements. But the further research is not done in-depth enough, and there are still many deficiencies and problems in practice, which need our further exploration of the theory under the guidance of Marxism. It is our obligatory responsibility to study new development strategies of talents training and human resource utilization.From the perspective of the Marx's theory of all-round human development, this paper has studied China's present condition of HR developments and its function to promote human developments, tried to find the problems occurred in practice and focused on constructing the new theory and strategy of new human resources development by solving all above.
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