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The Regulations Of The Rotterdam Rules On Delivery Of Goods Without Original Bills Of Lading And The Suggestions On Delivery Of Goods Without Original Bills Of Lading About China Maritime Law

Posted on:2013-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Bill of Lading is the central part of maritime law,also the footstone of the internationalsea trade. Delivery of Goods with Presentation of the Original Bills of Lading is thetradition operation in the international shipping practice,but following with the technologyinnovation,one big issues has been taken place--Delivery of Goods without Presentation ofthe Original Bills of Lading,its negative influence restrict the development of theinternational carriage of goods.United Nations Convention on Contract for theInternational Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea (The Rotterdam Rules) is anothereffort of the international community to promote the unification of the law of internationalcarriage of goods.To slove this problem,the provisions of the Rotterdam Rules delete thecompulsory nature of the function of the bill of lading as a document of title.The subject ofthis dissertation is the legal question of Delivery of Goods without Presentation of theOriginal Bills of Lading, make paper analyzes about the Rottendam regulation on releasingthe goods without original bill of lading,then proposes that China should take positivemeasuers to adopt the practical regulations in the Rotterdam Rules according to the currentlaw and judicial interpretations cautiously.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Rotterdam Rules, Delivery of Goods without Original Bill of Lading, Transport Documents, Bill of Lading
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