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On The Harmonious Thinking And Its Role In The Building Of Harmonious World

Posted on:2013-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374496593Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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With the development of the times, people’s way of life and the way of practiceproduced tremendous change. Ways of thinking reflected people’s thinking and problemsolving basic attitude and orientation of value, especially the”constructs the socialismharmonious society” the strategic goal of all mankind and reflect the common aspiration ofthe “harmonious world” of the thought put forward, people and people, between country andcountry of the increasingly close ties, in the communication process, need more there is acorresponding way of thinking, therefore, harmonious thinking in line with the requirementsof the development of the times. Harmonious thought inherits Chinese traditional cultureof”harmony” thought of outstanding achievements, absorbs the western thought of harmonyand harmonious ideas of Marx, formed a harmonious sex, age, development, subjective,objective thinking.Based on the analysis of the harmonious thought of the background and theoreticalorigin foundation, further elaborated the harmonious thinking connotation, tharacteristics andpurpose, finally pointed out the harmonious thinking in building a harmonious world theimportance and significance of. This paper puts forward insist on harmonious thinking help inthe building of a harmonious world in the process of formation of harmonious world politics,harmonious world, a harmonious world economic outlook security concept, harmoniousconception of world culture and the harmonious world ecological view.In addition to this introduction, is divided into three chapters. The introduction mainlystudy the thought of“harmonious world” is presented in the context of harmonious thinkingin the building of domestic and foreign research, research content and research method.First chapter mainly elaborated the harmonious thinking presents the background andtheory origin. Harmonious thinking is the times theme of peace and developmentrequirements; is the construction of a harmonious world required; the purposes of theUnited nations requirements. Contains rich “harmony” thought in the traditional Chineseculture,has “zhouyi”, Confucianism, Mohism, Taoism about “harmony” thought, the westernscholars on harmony and harmonious society thought essence, and Marx put forward a seriesof building harmonious socialist theory.The second chapter mainly elaborates the connotation elaborated the harmoniousthinking, with the times, harmony, subjective, objective and development, and its purpose is to pursue the harmony of harmonious thinking, guiding practice, to promote the harmonioussociety and harmonious world building.The third chapter mainly elaborated the harmonious thinking in building a harmoniousworld in the role of. Based on the harmonious world thought exposition of content, analysis ofharmonious thinking in building a harmonious world.
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