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Research On The System Of Participants Of China’s Legislation Hearing

Posted on:2013-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J E XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374967415Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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As one of the transplanted law systems, the legislative hearing system attracts more attention this year.the active moves in legislative hearing system of regional standing committee and regional government promote democratization of national power organs.The PRC Legalization Law promulgated in2000stipulated that in the lawmaking process of National Standing Committee and State Department, hearing system could be used for collect ideas and opinion from different group. Whereas, there are no unite provision national round of legislative hearing regulations.Systems of legislative hearing constituted by regions vary severely and in chaos. There are only one exercise of legislative hearing meeting involving cutting fees from individual income tax in the year2005.Whereas, there are more exercises in regional wide,but the quality of those as well as cases are unsteady.The number of research on administrative hearing system weight much than price hearing and legislative hearing.Among the papers of legislative hearing,there are rare about participant.The first chapter defines the differences in legislative hearing, conversazione and hearing meeting under the base theory research in participated system of legislative-hearing-participant as well as points out the unclear situation of law basis. The appellation and extension of legislative hearing participants is disputed theoretically and practically. In this paper,its research category contains hearing person, hearing presider, hearing presentations and their agents and spectators. It introduces and analyses the significance of the research on the system of participants of legislation hearing.The second chapter proposes unified and normative hearing system-building after analyzing the actuality of hearing rules;confirms the principles and rules of selecting the hearing person and hearing presider.The three chapter confirms the legislation hearing matters about hearing presentations and spectators reasonably. It analyses the principles and rules of selecting the hearing presentations and spectators;clearly defining the rights and obligations of legislative hearing participants;and emphasis on the system of agents and experts.It puts forward the problems in the existing system through the analysis on the legislation hearing practice and the related regulations,then provides the solutions accordingly.The four chapter conducts a supplementary analysis to the participatory process of hearing participates,it contains four sections as the system of hearing informed, the system of hearing speech, the defensiveness of the hearing and the hearing result.
Keywords/Search Tags:Legislation, Hearing, Legislation Hearing Participants, Participatory Process
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