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Research On Forest Insurance Legislation

Posted on:2013-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374972466Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Our country is the world’s meteorological disasters, biological disasters hit countries. According tothe data analysis, since1996, pest and rodent infestation area show uptrend. In addition, according toChina’s20years of forest fire area of statistical analysis, we found a sudden and sharp increase in thefire area, fire area has reached a record high. In order to effectively reduce the risk of forest, naturaldisaster reduction, to maintain stable economic development, we must establish an effective mechanismto protect the forest. Disaster to the world’s forests are also many other countries and regions, resultingin no small loss, in order to reduce losses, they developed a special forest insurance law, and graduallyestablish a forest insurance system. Practice has proved that forest insurance industry, not only can helpproducers face out of the woods in a variety of risks, but also can promote the whole community toshare the risk of producers to promote forest management goals and interests of equalization. How toimprove the coverage of forest legislation, to fully play its role, and maintain and promote China’s fasteconomic growth forests, which deserves further study. China’s forest insurance system in promotingeconomic development has played an active role, with some success. But compared with other countries,there are still many short comings, the most prominent is the forest insurance legal system is backward.So far, our forest insurance still has no special law to protect, laws hindered the development of forestinsurance in china. Forest insurance legislation is of both theoretical and practical topic, in order tosolve these problems, this paper puts forward to want cogent the forest insurance legislative proposals,from different angles, in-depth, detailed description, with a view to fill in our country forest insurancelegal research gaps, to consummates our country forestry legal system benefit. As soon as possible toperfect the laws and regulations of forest insurance, so that the development of forest insurance law, intothe legal track.
Keywords/Search Tags:Forest risk, Forest Insurance, Forest insurance policy, Legislation
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