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The Constitutional Development Of Cultural Path

Posted on:2013-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Constitutional culture is a special cultural phenomenon is the political history of mankind for a while they are creating a constitutional process of practice will be formed a result. it is a country’s constitutional government and the constitution, and the process of the related mentality and thinking of the overall collection. a constitutional system, to establish a transition to improve, the process needs and its supporting a series of constitutional government to support the theory. A nation’s culture is profound, culture is the culture of a constitutional government, however, culture is the culture of the most important. thus, cultural development of constitutional government, only one set of constitutional system is hardly enough, it must also have the corresponding to the culture as a basis.China for nearly a century of the constitutional history of china confirmed that the path of constitutional government is experienced to be followed, but to be further strengthened. in modern Chinese government, the ruler of constitutional government had time, the ultimate result is undesirable, because they are only concerned with the constitutional system, but neglected the development in culture as a basis. A country’s political civilization, is often through the country’s cultural about constitutional government, but in china, from traditional Chinese culture, and then dipped in its own national characteristics and of spirit, is no easy matter. in china by western powers shock and aggression, the governor is aware of the constitutional system is noteworthy. the country rich and the national development would be a priority. The qing government at that time with the constituent assembly, in such circumstances, a new deal was a solid foundation of culture. one country to go to the state, to success as a basis for constitutional government. Can see that it is a country must have the foundation, a constitutional government will further promote the rule of law building, construction, and in turn promote constitutional government of culture, and so on, the state to the success of the building is an inevitable result of constitutional government from western culture. first, but china cannot copy indiscriminately, we should combine domestic situation, from traditional culture, we should start exploring a development of their cultural development path. Cultural development and the country’s politics, economy, thoughts, and the entire society, closely related to the legal sense, therefore, in these respects, we can find a way for the Chinese cultural development path of constitutional government.
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