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Study On The Civil Liability Of False Advertising Spokesmen

Posted on:2013-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of information media, advertising is everywhere. At the same time,advertisement problem continues. our country’s legislation on the civil liability of false advertising norms are limited and not perfect. And the theory of false advertising should assume civil liability civil liability.the controversy also is quite intense. Some people advocate false advertising spokesmen have responsibility, also somebody thinks of false advertising spokesmen have rights and obligations to undertake the civil liability. Obviously, the theory circle of our country of this still did not have a unified conclusion. Therefore, how to correctly identify false advertisement, and analyze the study on civil liability of false advertisement, to gradually perfect the relevant legislation and practical management has very important significance.Besides introduction and conclusion, it is divided into three parts. First.From Li Meike v. Guo Donglin in the advertising case reflects our country s civil liability of false advertising related legislations. spokesmen should be accompanied by a duty of care and duty to determine the true. false advertisement cognizance standards have two:one is the advertising a product or service is true; another is the representation of misleading. Third, the false advertising spokesmen liability’s dispute.Finally. the civil liability of false advertising. The part includes:the principle of imputation of false advertising, false advertising elements and False advertising liability form.
Keywords/Search Tags:false advertising, spokesmen, tort liability, joint infringement
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