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Research On The Construction Of Electronic Village In China

Posted on:2013-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330392454655Subject:Administrative Management
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Electronic village, as the important means to realize rural informationization, must bepaid great attention. Electronic village is the management process for rural affairs relatedto politics, economy, culture and society, which is based on rural informationization, and itis another form of e-government in rural areas. Electronic village is based on the demandof rural electronic management, and it is the comprehensive, integrated, standardized ruralelectronic information system including administration management platform, businessinformation platform and information service system.The thesis, taking the definition of electronic village as the core, discusses theelectronic village. To begin with, the author discusses the research results at home andabroad through literature analysis method and understands the problem of academicresearch to pave the way for next analysis. Then, it analyses electronic villagedevelopment present situation in detail through two major parts: firstly, it describes thedomestic and foreign development condition including the North American, EuropeanUnion and Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries and China, on a basis of thedefinition and content of electronic village; secondly, it takes use of SWOT analysismethod to make concrete analysis on strength, weakness, opportunity and threat ofelectronic village construction in China, and elaborates present situation of electronicvillage construction from internal factors to external environment. In final of the thesis,the author elaborates construction strategy thoroughly, which is the most important aspectof the thesis, and in the light of current problems, the author combines with the actualsituation to propose construction strategies of electronic village in our country from threeaspects about the system insurance, infrastructure, information service.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic village, informationization, e-government, commerce platform, information service
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