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Legal Research On Protection Of The Rights And Interests Of Financial Consumers In China

Posted on:2013-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330392950433Subject:Economic Law
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Financial consumer is the basis of the financial market stability and orderlydevelopment. The rapid spread of the outbreak of the financial tsunami inthe United States in2008shows that: if the foundation is not strong,theground shake. Legal protection of financial interests of consumers come intoview from the1960s, the financial tsunami put the legal protection offinancial interests of consumers into a more important position. UK, U.S., EUand other extra-regional countries and regions have obtain good results in thelegal protection of the financial interests of consumers, our research in thisarea has just started, some of the legal system is not perfect. Therefore, Chinashould learn from countries outside financial interests of consumers of legalprotection basis, with the national situation, step by step to improve the legalprotection of the financial interests of consumers, so as to reduce the financialconsumer disputes, to stabilize the financial market order, safeguard thefinancial interests of consumers provide some legal support.This article includes four aspects of the legal protection of financialinterests of consumers:The first part is a theoretical analysis of the financial interests of consumersof legal protection. First, the connotation and extension of the concept offinancial consumers; followed on the properties of the financial consumer andto conduct feasibility studies to distinguish it from traditional consumercharacteristics; again is the need to analyze the situation of legal protection ofthe financial interests of consumers in China and feasibility.The second part shows the status of the financial interests of consumers oflegal protection in China, sub-banking sector, securities sector and insurancesector, to analyze the different areas of the financial interests of consumers oflegal conservation status, which found that the financial interests ofconsumers in China legal protection problems.The third part of the financial interests of consumers of legal protection of extra-regional countries and regions interpretation of mature practices in theUnited Kingdom, the United States and the European Union in the legalprotection of the financial interests of consumers, from the Enlightenment.Part IV of the paper is derived in accordance with the above conclusion,combined with China’s actual situation to improve the legal protection of thefinancial interests of consumers. From the legislative perfect, perfect on thesubject and the system design, commence elaborated on the improvement ofthe relief protection means in order to be able to help solving the problem oflegal protection of the financial interests of consumers in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial consumer, financial institutions, financialregulators, legal protection
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