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To Discuss The Protection Of Privacy Under Network Enviroment From The Debate Of3Q

Posted on:2013-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395967811Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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The development of the Internet to the human society has brought an unprecedented change, nowadays, people’s life, work and study almost without exception with network closely intertwined, fusion each other, promote each other. However, with the increasing popularity of the Internet technology and widely used, people fully enjoy the network brings good at the same time, also faces more and more individual privacy in Internet is stolen and exposure risk. At present, under the network environment of the invasion of privacy problem is increasingly serious and need to be solved urgently.In2010, China’s Internet world influential two companies JiHu360and Tencent broke out between a famous commercial struggle, referred to as "3Q struggle". Although the focus of dispute between enterprises lies in the existence of unfair competition or industry monopoly, but "3Q struggle "behind it reflects a mere serious problem, namely Internet users on the Internet existing privacy leak crisis. At present our country to the protection of privacy is not perfect, the legal status of privacy fuzzy, relevant laws and regulations is not sound, also did not form a reasonable protection framework, in such (?) situation under the network environment for the protection of privacy is more obviously insufficient, will not be conducive to basic civil rights and interests of the security but also to the network industry’s healthy development, therefore to our country under the network environment, the protection of privacy to research and puts forward some improvement advice is very necessary.This paper, besides preface and conclusion outside, the full text is divided into three parts. The first part mainly discusses the privacy protection under the network environment the theoretical problems. The author explicitly pointed out that, under the environment of network privacy is not a kind of difference from traditional privacy new rights, but only privacy under the environment of network development and extension. Therefore, based on the basic theory of privacy and right of privacy, and analyses under the network environment the particularity of privacy protection. This part are two parts of the analysis study provides theoretical basis and methodology, but also answer what is under the environment of network privacy, that is "what is" problem. The second part first from the legislative, judicial and self-discipline protection three square face under the network environment in China the protection of privacy are analyzed, and then points out the problems existing in the right protection. This part to answer the strengthening our country under the network environment, the importance and necessity of privacy protection, i.e., the "why" question. The third part first examines the countries and regions under the network environment protection of the privacy of main mode, this paper analyzes the self-discipline as the leading factor and legal regulation as the leading factor of the two kinds of protected mode between the advantages and disadvantages, finally put forward to perfect our privacy protection under the network environment the suggestion. This part to answer how to improve our privacy protection under the network environment, namely "how to do" problems.
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