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On The Perfection Of Land Expropriation Enforcement System

Posted on:2013-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the new《Regulations of expropriation and compensation》 was put into force,wo can see that new problems also arise subsequently, namely how did the enforcement of the ruling power and executive power distributed, as well as problems of articulation With the《administrative procedure law》and 《administrative enforcement law》《administrative enforcement law》《Regulations of exnronriation》 and compensation》Article53The parties does not apply for administrative reconsideration Article28The one Who is or bring an administrative lawsuit, and levied does not apply for administrative does not perform the administrative reconsideration or file an administrative decision within the statutory time limit, lawsuit within the statutory time limit, the administrative organ with no and does not move in compensation administrative enforcement power of decision within the prescribed time may, apply to a people’s court for limit, the city County People’s compulsory execution in accordance Government who made the decision with the provisions of this chapter since shall apply to the people’s court for who made the decision the date of the expiration of the period enforcement. of three months.As shown above:in fact, the new《Regulations of expropriation and compensation》 is only to be forced by a renewed emphasis on the expropriation compensation,It did not make specific and effective regulation on implementation, this caused the Article28is actually a waste. In order to make this article really into practice, it is necessary for us to make an explanation, which based on the exploration of enforcement.This paper attempts to examine the analysis and study of these two issues, through the normative analysis, positive analysis, comparative analysis method, and hope to have the constructive contribution of the rule of law a little.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regulations of expropriation and compensation, enforcementsystem, Separation between adjudicate verdict and implementation
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