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Studies The Credit Construction Of The Communist Party Of China Democratic Revolution Period

Posted on:2014-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398458535Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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As the core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in theface of complex domestic and international situation.The key ruling position, directly related tothe tangible benefits for the country’s development, social progress and people.Credit is the foothold of the party’s development-based, credit-building is an important partof the party building in the process of leading the revolution, construction and reform, theCommunist Party of China has always credit building made in an important position of partymembers and cadres, education credit, credit gain public trust, and constantly improve theprestige of the Party and strengthen the party’s ability to govern.Throughout the course of development of the Chinese Communist Party, all credit buildingscience advancing, a period of steady development, are the entire Communist Party of China areunited support of the people, any credit construction period to encounter setbacks and difficultiesare the Communist Party of China is facing extremely difficult times of crisis, in all aspects oflife and death, political, economic, cultural, and military.This article focuses on starting from the point of view of the history of visits, theCommunist Party of China from the established historical facts about credit building newdemocratic revolution and the victory this time in history to be made for research-based, in-depthanalysis of the democratic revolution, the Communist Party of China during the credit buildingexperience value and problems of defects, judge its merits and demerits.Detailed and in-depth research on credit building of the Communist Party of China, can be amore profound understanding of the Communist Party of China from weak to strong difficultjourney to win the trust of the major role played by those that experience is worth learning, butalso what lessons worthy of reflectionFinally, a review of the Chinese Communist Party in the course of the construction ofvarious periods of credit, to sum up the experiences and lessons of the Communist Party ofChina in the credit building, to further strengthen the new era of the Chinese Communist Party’sability to govern and promote the integrity of government building has great historicalsignificance and practical significance.
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