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The Design Of Arcnet Network Protocol Analytic Device

Posted on:2013-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371495521Subject:Systems Engineering
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As the ARCNET network widely used in various fields, it becomes more and more important to manage the ARCNET network better, and can upgrade more easily when the system needs, getting the data flow from the running network directly and analyzing its meaning of the binary data has a very important practical significance. To this end, the design of a ARCNET network protocol analytic device is finished. All of the five basic frames and reconfiguration burst are abtained, and also the foundation for the further analyzing the actual meaning of the data frame is laid.The design of the ARCNET network protocol analytic device is focused.Firstly, according to the requirements of the analytic device, and with reference to the physical signal information of the ARCNET protocol, the hardware system is designed. The EP1C3T144C8N which is the Altera’s FPGA chip is used as the core components of this system to realize the protocol data acquisition and the classification of the basic frame, the time stamp adding, and the storage of the data; The storage module of the device is divided into two parts, the M4K modules embedded in EP1C3T144C8N are used as the cache to store the data initially processed, the IS61LV25616which is the ICS’SRAM chip is used as the main storage device to store the data well-processed for the further analysis; the C8051F330which is Silicon Laboratories’MCU chip is used to communicate with the standard interface, through the RS-485interface, the MCU transfers data from the main storage device to the external devices.Secondly, through analyzing the characteristics of the five-basic-frame of the ARCNET network protocol, theoretically the analytical model of the ACENET network protocol is put forward. Then according to these models, the starting delimiter detection module, the frame identifier detection module, the frame length detection module, the time-stamp adding module and data storage module are designed.Finally, through the simulation of each detection module, the detection of the five basic frames and reconfiguration burst, the time-stamp adding and the data storage are realized.The results have a certain reference value in in-depth understanding the ARCNET protocol, in understanding the relationship between the network information and the physical control, it can be the guiding role of the fault diagnosis for the ARCNET network system, the equipment upgrades, even the localization of the ARCNET device. Debug the device on network and display those data being analyzed in PC display.
Keywords/Search Tags:ARCNET network, data, basic frame, fault diagnosis, protocol analytic device
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