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ARCNET Network Diagnostic Method And Main Performance Analysis

Posted on:2018-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D N LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330515988771Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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The communication network is an important part of industrial automation system,which is the medium of running parameter information,equipment control information,fault alarm information and maintenance information in the system.The ARCNET network designed in this paper is a fully automated intelligent spinning machine system,which consists of several embedded systems,each system has more than two different communication networks,including ARCNET,Can,ARBUS and so on.The ARCNET network adopts the optimized token transmission mechanism,and has many good performance suitable for the industrial control scene,including high reliability,fast communication speed,time predictability,long transmission distance,flexible network and simple network operation.It is an ideal field bus technology,especially for the need for group scheduling system.Firstly,based on the analysis of the information transmission mechanism of ARCNET,the bus / star hybrid topology is selected as the network method,according to the physical layout of the system nodes in the automatic spinning machine,and considering the combination factors of delay and transmission distance.Secondly,the ARCNET network occupies the physical layer,data link layer and application layer of the OSI model,and the ARCNET network nodes are designed accordingly.Then,through the software design completes the ARCNET network Data Link layer control and the application layer realization,in which the ARCNET network self-diagnosis software is designed to inspect the network operation State,and to make corresponding processing to the malfunction,to ensure the normal communication of the whole network.At the same time,the software design also includes the ARCNET and Can protocol conversion part,combined with the Can protocol analyzer to realize the main function of the ARCNET protocol analyzer in the specific application environment.It is used to diagnose the ARCNET network and test the main performance parameters for the network.Finally,the actual data signal waveform measured in the field is compared with the frame format of ARCNET protocol,and the main performance evaluation,system delay theory calculation and test analysis are carried out for the ARCNET network.The results of field test show that the 9 single-node network of the automatic spinningsystem based on ARCNET network can stabilize the work in the industrial field,and realizes the transmission of the system running parameters,equipment control information,fault alarm information and maintenance information,and satisfies the design requirements completely.
Keywords/Search Tags:ARCNET network, Networking, Network self-diagnosis, ARCNET protocol analyzer, System delay
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