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The Design Of Reliability Based On FPGA

Posted on:2013-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371967746Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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The reliability of equipments is an important indicator to measure the system security. With the continuous development of electronic technology, FPGA devices is deeply applied to the military, aerospace, ground transportation and other fields, FPGA can be reprogrammed, easy to modify, have a strong security, and suitable for hardware development. At the same time, the extensive using of FPGA is also an enormous challenge to its reliability. This paper based on a lab’s project of BTM research and development, which is a part of high-speed train control system of the Ministry of Railways. For the "lost point" problem in BTM project, a series of research of reliability and a summarize of improving the FPGAs and equipments’reliability have been done in this paper. The main achievements are as follows.1、Using the principle of speed and area exchange and considering the timing relationships between the whole system reliability and internal registers, and the external I/O interface timing requirements, this paper gives a design and simulation of safe telecommunication for crossing clock and a design and simulation for high-speed signal processing, gets a chip design of FPGA reliability.2. On the basis of chip reliability, this paper gives an asynchronous data transmission bus with characteristics of distributed and high-speed to increase the anti-risk of BTM. The system status switching graph is created using Markov models. The influence of parameters as failure rate, maintenance rate and failure usability on the system security, reliability, and availability is studied. On the basis this paper designs the interaction asynchronous communication transceiver with failure-security design. 3. At last this paper makes actual verification of the entire system to research its reliability. The result shows that the distributed Double 2-vote-2 asynchronous transceiver has a high reliability and feasibility.China’s railway train requires high-performance high-speed train control system to provide strong security protection. The research design of reliability equipment from this point, which has characteristics of low power consumption, easy upgrade, safe and reliable. The project has been identification by the Ministry of Railways in Beijing-Shanghai high speed rail line, has broad application space.
Keywords/Search Tags:reliability, metastability, fpga, fault-tolerant redundancy, double 2-vote-2
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