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Design And Realization Of Safety Computer Platform Based On Double2-vote-2Redundancy

Posted on:2012-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395455269Subject:Computer software and theory
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At present, the computer application has been widely used in industrial control,railway, finance and all domains which are important in people’s life, the resulting isthat people began to pay more attention to the computer systems for safety, reliability,failure rate, and the self-test ability and tolerance about software or hardwaremalfunction, which attracted many fields began to focus on reliability design ofcomputer system. So computer fault-tolerant techniques, as an important way torealizing the reliability, have become a significant branch in computer science researchgradually, and have been widely used in the computer reliability design.In this paper, firstly we introduce two kinds of fault tolerant computer systemstructure, on this basis, we propose the double2-vote-2security computer platformstructure, and summarize the current methods that commonly used in fault tolerantcomputer systems, we analyze the double2-vote-2platform structure, and describe thewhole framework of the double2-vote-2safety platform from the perspective of thesystem constitution and the system structure. Then starting from the softwarearchitecture, we design the software of the entire double2-vote-2safety platform,finally, according to the system’s safety design ideas and the detailed design, wecomplete the software realizations of the double2-vote-2safety platform.The result of this paper used to build a safe computer platform, and achieve thesafe, reliable and stable railway signal control system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Double2-vote-2, Safety, Reliability, Fault-tolerant
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