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Design And Implementation Of FPGA Based Double 2-Vote-2 Security System

Posted on:2010-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275973131Subject:Traffic Information Engineering & Control
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Redundancy technology is frequently used in design of computer systems because it is the one of the most effective methods to improve reliability. With development of electronic and computer technology, informationized and digitized life requires more for reliability and safety of system, and double 2-vote-2 structure is a redundancy structure with great reliability performance. In this paper, basing on the in-depth research and sound investigation, a low cost and low power consumption, FPGA based single-chip multi-core double 2-vote-2 security system has been successfully designed and implemented.In this paper, the development and status of redundancy technology and structure have been investigated and analyzed, then the feature of double 2-vote-2 structure and high reliability FPGA have been summarized.The basic principle, high reliability and safety, low cost and power consumption, Actel Fusion FPGA device and CoreABC as core, paper finely describes the design of single-chip multi-core structure, judge module and switch module. Also hardware platform contains all function modules.There are meticulous analysis and comparison of reliability and safety between multi-CPU and single-chip multi-core structure with simulation curve from Matlab. At the end of paper system test result has been shown.Testing and experimental results show the feasibility of the design. Single-chip multi-core SOC technology based security system with high reliability and safety, low cost and power consumption, flexible design has wide application and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Double 2-vote-2, Reliability, Safety, FPGA, CoreABC, Single-Chip Multi-Core
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