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The Study On Fiscal Policy Incentive To Enterprise’s Independent Innovation

Posted on:2013-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330371477166Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The "12th Five-Year" period, the construction of innovative country has been put on the agenda of our country, the construction of the "12th Five-Year Plan required by the letter of enterprises as the mainstay, the market as a guide, a combination of technological innovation system has begun to make a comprehensive development, an important feature of this new technological innovation system is:to strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation, and vigorously develop the key core technologies and common technologies, so the independent innovation of enterprises innovation vital to the national system link.However, at present, China’s independent innovation of enterprises there are various problems, such as:a weak business sense of innovation, technological innovation, the overall level is not high; technological innovation achievements not the problem still exists, which one of the most critical problem is lack of motivation of independent innovation of enterprises, funds and personnel are also in a lack of position. To solve these problems, this chapter has constructed a three-stage game model to analyze the impact of fiscal policy of the Government subsidy of independent innovation of enterprises. The results show that:government subsidies can effectively increase the investment in innovation, product output, corporate profits, R&D institutions profit and social welfare, so the government’s financial incentives for the promotion of independent innovation with a very necessary role. In government financial subsidies under the right circumstances, the level of enterprises for independent innovation along with the marginal cost of production of product innovation and increase in the coefficient of decrease, but is worth noting that the products of technology spillovers will effectively promote independent innovation of enterprises unit license is only R&D institutions profit impact. These factors on the level of government subsidies, subsidies and input subsidies, easy-going increase increased with the increase reduce. Therefore, the contents of this chapter provide a theoretical reference for the subsidy policy of the government’s financial intervention in the innovation process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Innovation, Financial incentives, Three stages of the game, Incentives
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