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Research On Risk Management Of Technology-based SMEs Credit Guarantee Institutions

Posted on:2013-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330371479667Subject:Business management
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Technology-based SMEs is an effective combination of science andtechnology enterprises and SMEs, which combines the advantages of scienceand technology enterprises and SMEs. In recent years, technology-basedSME’s strength has been growing, and technology-based SMEs plays animportant role in promoting stable economic growth. But technology-basedSMEs exists inherent deficiencies, such as small size of the business, weakability to resist risks, lack of credit accumulation and many other deficiencies,loan facilities directly from the bank is relatively difficult,due to difficulty inobtaining loans, the further development of the technology-based SMEs isaffected. Thus, in order to promote the development of technology-basedSMEs, the financing difficulties must be resolved.SME credit guarantee is an effective way to solve the SME Loan difficult,but the credit guarantee is a high risky business, coupled with the inherentinadequacy of the technology-based SMEs, credit guarantee institutions forthe SME credit guarantee business, will face greater risk. Credit guaranteeinstitutions must take effective and viable system and measures to prevent,control and reduce risk, to reduce the losses caused by the risk to the creditguarantee institutions for their own growth and development of the creditguarantee institutions, to solve SME financing difficulties, the improvement ofChina’s credit guarantee system, has significance.This article discussed the SME credit guarantee institutions’ riskmanagement.The first chapter introduces the research background and significance ofthe topic of this article, the relevant review of research; finally, the chapter illustrates the methods and ideas used in this article.The second chapter is a theoretical overview of the theory of small andmedium-sized enterprises, credit guarantees and risk management.Chapter Three analyzes and compares the domestic and international riskmanagement of SME credit guarantee, introduces Japan, the United Statesand South Korea in some of the practices of the credit guarantee system andrisk management of credit guarantee institutions.Chapter Four studies the risk management of SME credit guaranteeinstitutions, from risk prevention, risk identification, risk assessment, riskdiversification, risk transfer, risk compensation, to establish an effective riskprevention mechanisms and measures to reduce the risk and losses causedby the risk to the credit guarantee institutions.Chapter5is the empirical research, Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd. ofJilin Province as a case, analyzing the SME credit guarantee institutions’ riskmanagement.The sixth chapter is the last chapter, a summary of this article.
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