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The Choice Of Financing Path For The Smes Based On Policy-based Finance

Posted on:2014-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330398455602Subject:Political economy
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The financing problems of SMEs has been the hot topic as a national research exists, itsposition in the national economy are not unrelated. The world experience shows that small andmedium enterprises is an important part of the market economy, unparalleled importance of playin the national economy. The financing bottleneck restricting the development of small andmedium-sized enterprises prime.As in recent years, the international economic environment is not ideal, raw materials, thegeneral rise in the domestic labor prices and other factors, the decline in profitability of SMEsgrow significantly weakening, the majority of SMEs in the transformation and upgrading of thedifficulties, difficulties in financing the increasingly severe pressure. Clear understanding of theperformance of the SME financing problems, analyze the reasons of its financing difficulties, tofind out an effective way to solve the financing difficulties of SMEs is a necessary condition toguarantee the future of a vibrant economy and economic growth.The countries are trying to find the path to solve the financing problems of SMEs, andactively support the development of SMEs. Method to solve the financing problems of SMEs isvaried, from a different path analysis to alleviate the problem, this paper mainly from policyfinancial perspective to analysis. China’s three policy banks have been established in1994,marking the initial establishment of China’s policy system. About China’s policy of financialdevelopment, many scholars have questioned the existence, in recent years, China’s three policybanks varying degrees of commercial tendency, its sources of funding, financial operations,business scope, risk control and other issues are scholars object. But you can not deny that theformation of policy financial, play an extremely important role in China’s economic and socialdevelopment, in fact, the policy-oriented financial system itself is irreplaceable developmentpotential and prospects. Financial policy, I would like to say that the financial crisis, the financialpolicy will be more promising and development space, but the key is to truly understand thespecial features of the policy-oriented financial and operational mechanism, policy banks and theprinciple of market-oriented operation The effective combination of this is most important.This article is not policy the financial go from here, how the issue of financial deepeningand innovation to do more research, because this issue is not out of my level graduate researchresults. This paper SME financing problems, from the perspective of the policy-oriented financial analysis and summary of the foreign policy financial support to SMEs, advocated byanalyzing the status of financing of SMEs, the existing policy of financial institutions to increasethe degree of support for SMEs; establish a policy of financial institutions; SME policy financialand commercial finance coordinated development services mainly for small and medium-sizedbusinesses; sound financial environment of our policy to help ease the financing difficulties ofSMEs status.
Keywords/Search Tags:policy fiance, medium-size and small enterprises(SMEs), raise capital, policy-based financial institutions
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