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The Exploration Of Optical Properties And Amplification Mechanism Of Nd3+ Doped PLZT Electrooptic Ceramics

Posted on:2013-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Optical communication has become the primary factor of the development ofthe science and technology, at this information era. According to the moreinformation transformation and faster transmission rate, the better multifunctionalcommunication devices are demanded to meet the growing needs in optical network.Intensive research related to new material has been done to make them qualified inbuilding new devices. Lanthanum modified lead zirconate titanate (PLZT for short)ceramics exhibit good transparency and less optical energy loss between visible andMid-IR. As an electro-optical (EO) material, it has large quadratic EO coefficient,short response time and low drive voltage. Furthermore, ceramic material is easy bedoped with high concentration rear-earth elements. Rear-earth elements dopedPLZT ceramics can be used as functional materials according to its goodperformance. This thesis focus on studying the EO effect and the opticalamplification in Nd-doped PLZT ceramics.First of all, the basic properties of PLZT ceramics have been studied, includingthe sintering methord, the lattice structure and the surface appearance of PLZTceramics. The dielectric constant has been measured in the temperature range from0℃to250℃. The refractive indices of the ceramics were measured usingellipsometry method, and fitted by the Sellmeier’s equation. The refractive indicescan calculated at any wavelength. The EO coefficient has been measured at roomtemperature and the influence of the blue light (455nm) radiation has been studied.Secondly, the spectral properties of the Nd doped PLZT ceramics wereinvestigated. The ultraviolet absorbing edge was obtained by the absorbancespectrums of rear-earth doped PLZT ceramics which were investigated withUV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer. The fluorescence spectrum is observed whenpumped by laser diode at808nm. Afterwards, analysis based on the J-O theoryindicated that Nd3+:PLZT ceramic was a promising gain media.Finally, an optical system is established to measure the amplification propertyof Nd3+:PLZT ceramics. The optical amplification is observed and it can beinfluenced by exposing under ultraviolet. The optical amplification mechanism hasbeen studied under the electron trap mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:electro-optic ceramics, optical amplification, PLZT
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