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Induce To Cultivate Strain Of Spirulina Platensis

Posted on:2014-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z XuFull Text:PDF
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Abject of the research is spirulina platensis. Useing corona electric field mutagenize the algae and studying the influence on spirulina platensis in different strengthes of electric field.The result of experiment show that we should use ultrasonic wave broke the spirulina platensis to unicellular individuals which are good for electric field treatment. Take out15mL unicellular individuals and mutate with different srtengthes of electric field for3min or4min. When the field strength is8.0KV for3min, we got high protein algae whose protein content is18.29%higher than original algae. When the field strength is10.0KV for3min, we got high polysaccharide algae whose polysaccharide content increased5.01%.Experiments show that corona electric field mutagenesis has obvious effect on increasing the content of protein and polysaccharide of spirulina platensis. For obvious mutagenic effect, it offer new method of mutagenesis for spirulina platensis mutagenesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:spirulina platensis, mutation breeding, corona electricfield, protein, polysaccharide
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