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The Comprehensive Evaluation Of Reservoir Of Es3in Daxing Conglomerate Body, Langgu Depression

Posted on:2012-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422958590Subject:Geological Engineering
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This treatise is based on the gallery solid down warped Daxing conglomerate body.Firstly analyze and research the regional geological background, according to those analysesof previous drilling, earthquakes and comprehensive geological material research; aconclusion can be got that Daxing Fault which is in the Paleocene drop plate before end ofinherited Yanshan movement tectonic appearance, is still suffered from the weathering anderoding of ancient uplift. During the development from the Eocene to faulted-down warpedstage, under the control of Daxing Fault, it was developed to three stratums, which wereArchean formation, Middle-Upper Proterozoic formation and Cenozoic formation from up todown. Among them, the Cenozoic formation which belongs to Es3is considered as the majortarget for oil and gas exploration, and the Conglomerate is developed in the lower of Es3.This research uses seismic stratigraphy,sedimentary petrology and sedimentaryfacies,paleogeographic,petroleum geology science theory as guide, and systematically studiedsolid sag of corridor three segments of sand conglomerate body structure characteristics,sedimentary facies analysis, reservoir features, reservoir classification, reservoiring pattern.Based on the study of the single well, with seismic profiles and the method of using Wells andshocking, it accurately divided and contrasted three to block sounding sand the fine formationperiod, analyzed the seismic response characteristics, in work area from the northeast tosouthwest direction,the respectively identified Xing9、Xing8、Xing4, Gu15、Xing10above14and six sets of conglomerate body, this conglomerate body top structure form are depictedin the work. And then it analysised conglomerate body times, on the basis of the coreobservation, on each exploration Wells conglomerate body sedimentary facies classificationfor piedmont collapse product and a nearshore subaqueous fan facies, analysis that thesubmarine fan of the best Central Asian oil conglomerates, subaqueous fan root and secondphase deposition collapse, subaqueous fan in the worst phase。Through the analysis on reservoir lithology, petrophysical property, reservoir space, this reservoir is divided into threelevels. Finally, on the basis of research above, it benefitly predicted reservoir zones of theresearch area, and made clear the direction of future exploration optimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reservoir evaluation, structural characteristics, the sedimentary facies, reservoir characteristics
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