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Study On Path Planning Of City Logistics Distribution System Based On GIS

Posted on:2014-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2250330425483909Subject:Software engineering
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With the further development and application of computer and networktechnology, modern logistics is entering an information technology, automation,networking, intelligent development stage. Especially in recent years thedevelopment of GIS in the theory and application of the logistics distributionproblem provides favorable conditions. In this paper, according to the need of theelectronic commerce environment of the three party logistics enterprise, thelogistics distribution vehicle logistics and distribution of the amount of pathoptimization problem is studied. Based on the predecessors’ research results, theapplication of GIS in logistics distribution path analysis, analysis function toimprove the logistics technology using GIS spatial analysis, through a series oflogistics distribution optimization algorithm model, the development of the citylogistics distribution path analysis system based on GIS, which can providescientific decision basis for logistics and distribution management.In solving the distribution problem of path planning of city logistics, thispaper adopts the idea of decomposition of the path planning problem isdecomposed into distribution region partition problem and single vehicle routingproblem. In the process of solving the distribution region partition, this paperbrings forward a method of distribution region division using Voronoi graph, toavoid the overlapping area radius determine other division method ofarbitrariness and distribution area or distribution of the blind spot in the solvingprocess, single vehicle route optimization, this paper uses the heuristic method,genetic algorithm to achieve, the greedy algorithm and the genetic algorithmframework with a strong local search ability of local search ability, using thegreedy algorithm, to achieve a rapid convergence effect.Finally this paper puts forward the city logistics distribution path analysisof GIS system’s overall design and detailed function design based on, and useMapObjects control and VB ARC/INFOR as the development platform, thedevelopment of the city logistics distribution path analysis system based on GIS.
Keywords/Search Tags:city logistics distribution, vehicle routing planning, Voronoi, genetic algorithm, greedy algorithm, GIS
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