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The Verification And Validation Exploration Of The Sea Object Surface Property Simulation

Posted on:2012-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330425955838Subject:Condensed matter physics
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With the development of the object infrared radiation field technology and the sea surface infrared radiation field technology, the characteristic simulation of the sea object and the background of sea and sky has become an important research area at home and abroad. In order to make the existing model reflect the true characteristics of the original object, it is necessary for the verification, validation, and accreditation.On the basis of the development for the infrared simulation of the object on the sea and the characteristic simulation of the background of sea and sky, this paper made verification for the existing software based on the sea object simulation and considered the uniformity of background in the model, further more got the object surroundings and the background image of sea and sky. At last, a sensitivity analysis of part environmental parameters has been discussed and explored.The organization in paper is as follows:Firstly, the computer software of the existing sea surface object model has been checked. In this section, it includes coordinate unity of the model, which is the foundation of establishing a model. The integrated function of the software has been improved so as to make the simulation functions of the software to the object characteristics more completely. Finally, the consistency of the surrounding environment and the background image in the model has been considered.Secondly, the space radiation field characteristics in the circumstances of non-uniform have been calculated, and the changes of characteristic of objects in both of the non-uniform environment and uniform environment compared based in the establishment of non-uniform space radiation field. The results show that radiation are change in the different azimuth direction, the objects temperature field is slightly higher in non-uniform environment. It’s accord with the actual situation.Finally, on the basis of the checking and perfect of the model, some conception accorded with experience has been validated, and the influence of the air temperature and wind speed to the object temperature field has been calculated.From the above, this paper checked the existing model software and considered the non-uniform of the space radiation field in the model, made numerical experiments of the sensitivity of some of the environmental parameters, and got a more complete and accurate model.
Keywords/Search Tags:verification, validation, unified coordinate system, non-uniformbackground, MODTRAN, air temperature, wind speed
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