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A Study On The Disposal Of Municipal Solid Waste

Posted on:2012-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330398992857Subject:Agricultural extension
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With the accelerated of urbanization process and the improve of people’s living standards, the amount of garbage increasing rapidly. So the environmental pollution become more serious. Currently, the disposal of Life Rubbish has become a serious problem that effected the urban development. But from a resource perspective, the Life Rubbish is a kind of available resources, and its value is very high. If it is disposed properly, can not only reduce the pollution on environment, but also can be transformed to be resources, that can avoid unnecessary waste. The disposal of Life Rubbish is an important component of urban management and public services; its an important work that ensuring the health and safety of urban public, improving the quality of living environment and ecological civilization; it is also the basis to achieving the science development of urban and building the resource-saving and environment-friendly society,In recent years, with the development of Suqian’s economic, accelerating of urbanization process, expanding in the size of downtown and a growing of urban population, the problem of Life Rubbish can not be ignored any longer. In this paper, the theory of public goods supply, environmental protection and sustainable development theory and the cycle of economic theory as the theoretical basis. Meanwhile, compared the domestic’s major waste disposal technologies and advanced experience. Hangzhou have accesses national environmental protection model city, UN Habitat Award10honors, it’s experience in waste disposal can give us many reference in many aspects. Then analysis the status of the municipal solid waste in Suqian, pointing out the problems and further to analyse the cause of the problem. Finally, on this basis, with the current policy environment and targeting of Suqian waste, come up with the suggestions on how to achieve the sustainable development for the disposal of Suqian’s Life Rubbish. in policy proposals that strengthen the source separation and collection, garbage disposal to promote industrialization, pointed out that improving the public’s environmental awareness, establishing an effective monitoring mechanism is the fundamental way of comprehensive management of Suqian’s Life Rubbish; government’s policy support is the key factor; and improve the disposal fee Rate of rubbish collection, a reasonable fee system is the ensurance. Ultimately to formate the eco-economic system of material and energy cycle of good wins, which is the ultimate goal of waste management for sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Garbage, industrial development, recycling economic, sustainabledevelopment
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