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Design And Sythesis Of Fe3+, Cu2+ Near-infrared Fluorescent Probe And Couplet Based On BODIPY

Posted on:2014-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YueFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401474852Subject:Organic Chemistry
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With the social development of the technology, a fluorescent probe was increasingly noticed,especially near-infrared fluorescent probes because of minimum photo-damage to biologicalsamples, deep tissue penetration, and low background absorption. Thus, great interest in thedevelopment of new near-infrared fluorescent probes had emerged in recent years.This paper designed and synthesized new pyrrol1and used it to synthesize BODIPYs. FromSpectroscopic Properties Characterization of BODIPYs, we could see that maximum absorptionof compound2reached to778nm, and emission maximum reached to799nm in chloroform.Atthe same time,we also designed and synthesized near Infrared probe (probe1) for iron ion andcopper ion.We detected the response of the probe to various ions, different concentrations of ironion and copper ion,and their cell imaging and so on.From the consequence,we could see that probe1has deep tissue penetration,and when the iron ion was added, the maximum absorptionwavelength was shifted from705nm to626nm, the maximum emission wavelength was shiftedfrom750nm to715nm,and enhancement of fluorescence spectra was observed,when the copperion was added, the maximum absorption wavelength was shifted from705nm to629nm, themaximum emission wavelength was shifted from750nm to738nm, and decreasement offluorescence spectra was observed.While we successfully designed and synthesized BODIPY couplet of A-B’,A-B,(Thatis3-1,3-2,and3-3).We had carried on the characterization of their spectral properties and thesingle crystal determination of3-3.From the spetral properties we found that3-1,3-2,3-3hadablation effect and3-1,3-3had good FRET, but that was not available on the BODIPY couplet of A-A’, A-A,(That is C,F and TM-1).The FRET of3-3was better than that of3-1,3-2hadno FRET.So we can control the rate of FRET by the different linked ways of the BODIPY couplet.
Keywords/Search Tags:near-infrared fluorescent probes, copper ion, iron ion, BODIPY couplet, spectroscopic properties
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