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A New Type Of Adjustable Pressure Capillary Rheometer And The Research Of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials

Posted on:2014-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401958760Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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With the widely use of polymeric material,the process area of polymeric material hasgotten a huge development.polymeric material’s process has to choose the right ways andmachine,so we have to know its rheological properties.Because of this,I choose rheometeras the object of study.This paper developed a new type of adjustable pressure capillary rheometer.thisrheometer can be used to test polymeric material’s viscosity and study its unsteady flowphenomenon what are useful to learn the rheological properties of polymeric material.Thisrheometer are constituted by five systems:reset system、pressure system、heating system、control system and testing system.About the experiment,firstly this paper used the new typeof adjustable pressure capillary rheometer to test Polyethylene and polypropylene’s viscositywith the different pressure and temperature.Then use the traditional XLY-II rheometer to dothe same experiment,and compare their result to test the feasibility of the new type ofadjustable pressure capillary rheometer.Finally their result are nearly the same,so it can provethe new type of adjustable pressure capillary rheometer can test accurately.Finally this paper used the new type of adjustable pressure capillary rheometer to test theelectromagnetic shielding material’s rheological properties.This experiment mainly tested itsflow velocity and viscosity under different condition.And the result showed that when theelectromagnetic shielding material is being molten condition,its flow velocity is adding withthe increase of the pressure and temperature;when it is under3MPa’s pressure,the viscosity isdecreasing with the increase of the temperature.The learn of the electromagnetic shieldingmaterial can guide its processing and application in the actual production.
Keywords/Search Tags:polymeric material, rheology, capillary rheometer, viscosity, electromagneticshielding material
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