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Synthesis Of Schiff Base Catalyzed By3,5-Difluoroarylboronic Acid And Isatin Involved In The Synthesis Of The Indole Spirocyclic Compound

Posted on:2014-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z P DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401982558Subject:Organic Chemistry
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In1864, chemist H. Schiff found the structure of salicylaldimine first. Schiff bases have played a very important role in biological medicine, pesticide, catalytic chemistry, electrochemical and analytical chemistry. The first chapter is literature review. The second chapter introduces introduces synthesis of Schiff bases catalyzed by various aromatic (heterocyclic) boric acid. The third chapter introduces isatin involved in the synthesis of the indole spirocyclic compound. In the fourth chapter we design new synthesize route and method of propylcyanide mite ester. The work contains:(1) We studied3,5-difluoroarylboric acid was the proper catalyst for synthesis of Schiff base. At the same time, catalyst’s loading, reaction time, solvent were confirmed.(2) Under the optimized conditions, twenty-one compounds were synthesized, of which eighteen are new compounds. Every new compound was characterized by1H NMR、13C NMR、IR、MS、Element Analysis.(3) We use NaHCO3as catalyst, H2O as solvent, substituted isatinand, malononitrile and (thio)hein as substrate. Under80℃eight new indole spirocyclic compounds were synthesized and these compounds were characterized(4) Four synthesis routes of acaricide were designed, and four intermediates and one acaricide were synthesized by improving method.
Keywords/Search Tags:3,5-difluoroarylboric acid, schiff base, catalytic synthesis, isatin, indole spirocyclic compound, propyl cyanide mite ester
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