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Design Of Automation Monitoring And Control System Of Sewage Treatment Of Hongxinglong

Posted on:2014-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422950529Subject:Instrument Science and Technology
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With the development of the industrialization and urbanization, people produce alot of wastewater, in order to meet the needs of daily life. To protect the environmentand improve the quality of our life, we must deal with wastewater well. As thedevelopment of Automation Technology, Automation Monitoring and Control Systemis created to improve the efficiency of sewage treatment and reduce the cost.Automation Monitoring and Control System is of big significance.This dissertation proposes a method of setting up an Automation Monitoring andControl System, of which PLC is the core, based on the feature of sewage treatment.This article defines the protocol of communication between host computer and PLC,and programs the configuration software for host computer by LabVIEW, without thepoor scalability, high cost and low precision.In the hardware design, the system uses the industrial control computer as thehost computer, the Siemens S7-200PLC as the guest computer. Industrial controlcomputer has a communication with PLC, and PLC communicates with devices andinstruments straight, with a triplex structure. The host computer sends missions toPLC, and PLC executes them. The host computer also displays and saves the datewhich PLC collects from devices and instruments,In the software design, this article defines a simple, safe and efficientcommunication protocol based on the characteristics of the Free-port Mode of S7-200PLC. According to the protocol, this article designs the communication program forLabVIEW and S7-200PLC. Expanding from the communication program, it alsorealizes the communication between the host computer and electromagneticflowmeter. The configuration software programmed by LabVIEW makes it easy tooperate the system for user.After being debugged repeatedly, the system works normally. It can realizemonitoring all aspects of the sewage treatment and meet the design requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Automation Monitoring and Control System, LabVIEW, PLC, Free-port Mode, configuration software
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